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Here at Hertford Heath preschool we promote healthy eating with the help of our mascots Bobby Broccoli, Carly Carrot and Benny Banana. They take it in turns to go home with the children for dinner and a sleepover.

Bobby and his friends have been helping the children eat their healthy snacks and lunches, and would like to join them for dinner as well. Bobby has a few favourite foods he likes to eat, such as fruit, raw vegetable sticks, toast with marmite or hummus and cereal, but will try any healthy food that you are eating.

We are asked about healthy lunches and what to put in them. The children who attend lunch club often have super healthy lunches which can also be fun. They children bring in lovely things such as cut out sandwiches and 'shape' cheese, which help children enjoy their food.

Our Healthy Eating mascots- Bobby Broccoli, Benny Banana and Carly Carrot

NHS guidelines suggests that a packed lunch could consist of:

- Two savoury options, some fruit, a sweet option (yoghurt, fromage frais, scone or current bun) and a drink.

- Good sandwich fillings are: tuna or salmon, hummus, hard or cream cheese ,ham (It also suggests peanut butter and egg, but these are not permitted at preschool due to allergies)

- For extras or snacks they suggest: a few vegatble stickes (carrots, peppers or cucumbers) to munch on, and a container of bite sized fruit.

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