What we are learning...

Here at Hertford Heath Pre-School we base our education around the 7 areas of Learning that are set down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These are:

1. Communication and Language

2. Physical Development

3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

4. Expressive Arts and Design 

5. Understanding of the World

6. Mathematics

7. Literacy

Fun and exciting activities

Although we create Long and Medium term plans, our everyday plans are based on the interests and ideas of the children, as well as on the environmental and current events. Previous examples are:

Autumn, Spring and Summer Term

Autumn brings us sunshine, harvest, fireworks and christmas. For most children this is when we get to know them and help them settle in.

Spring brings us interesting weather to explore, waterproofs, pancakes, world book day fun and Easter. We're still outside for a lot of the session but there is more exploring inside too!

Summer brings back the sunshine, sports day practice, planting, teddy bears picnics and trips to the park. 

Opening hours

Monday to Friday


Pre-School Session 12.15pm- 3.15pm

Nursery wrap around 11.50am- 3.15pm

Afterschool club postponed due to pandemic.



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News and Events

This Term

We will be welcoming the children back and focusing on their personal, social and emotional development. We will be spending lots of time outdoors and getting to know each other  again.


Spaces still available

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