Opening hours

Monday to Friday


Pre-School Session 12.15pm- 3.15pm

Nursery wrap around 11.50am- 3.15pm


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This Term


Pre-School Half-term is Monday 28th October - Friday 1st Novemeber 2019

A typical day at Hertford Heath Pre-School

The children at Hertford Heath Pre-School can start the day with a social activity of lunch followed by an afternoon of adult led and child initiated play. 

The daily routine at a glance

Time Activity

Nursery children lunch club

and wrap around care starts


Lunch Club ends


Afternoon session for Pre-School starts 

12.30pm- 2.30pm In and Out play
1.00-2.30pm Rolling Snack
2.30pm Outside play for everyone
2.55pm Circle time
3.15pm Hometime

Bobby Broccoli and friends Benny Banana and Carly Carrot ring our snack bell, indicating when snack starts and finishes at pre-school. The children take it in turns to be our Special Helper and help Bobby Broccoli and his friends.We promote health eating and ask parents to provide a healthy lunch and snack for their children.

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